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Benefit from the passion and experience in manufacturing digitalization that camLine puts into the development of its software solutions every single day. Simplify your engineering, increase performance through diagnostic and energy management functions, or quickly fix “problems” remotely. camLine’s software solutions, developed in-house, support you in all areas of production. With camLine’s expertise by your side, you will always be well prepared to take on the enormous challenges of today—and tomorrow.


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Achieve the best results through constant improvements and outstanding quality assurance.

If you want your manufacturing quality to be assessed in a uniform way, establishing in-house quality standards across your entire company is an approach that is likely to lead to success. Combine continuous improvement processes with sustainable corrective measures. This will lead to deviations being detected ever more quickly and dealt with promptly by means of elaborated escalation scenarios.
camLine offers a sophisticated range of QA infrastructure solutions. These solutions can be used as the basis for implementing strategies such as statistical process control (SPC), Lean Six Sigma or “zero-defects” in real time. Today, quality assurance interactively integrates the exchange of quality data as well as delivery approvals along supply chains. As a manufacturer, this will give you a considerable edge when it comes to recognizing overarching correlations in the value creation process.
The cornerstone of this far-reaching competence was laid in camLine’s joint development with Infineon (who were then known as Siemens Semiconductors), which in turn gave rise to the software flagship LineWorks SPACE. Our advisors will show you how you can most effectively utilize the real-time data and automated reporting to trace underlying causes, ensuring you are perfectly prepared for your next quality audit.

High process integrity guarantees
the right actions are taken.

If you are looking to standardize your product definitions (ANSI / ISA-88), then camLine is the right point of contact for you. Our long-standing participation in the semiconductor industry’s standardization committee (semi.org, focus on integrated recipe management) has helped us to develop comprehensive consultancy services.
camLine’s consultants will provide you with suitable options for increasing your level of automation in the long term. Your production will benefit from a uniform solution that organizes system and process parameters centrally. In the context of manufacturing, the reliability, consistency, and transparency you achieve as a result of this will help you to correctly implement and enforce your specifications by clearly specifying production processes,
approving these definitions in an organized way, and then establishing them authoritatively. This will ensure that you avoid many unnecessary mistakes that could otherwise occur during the production process. The contribution to your long-term success: Maintaining changes and further developments is kept straightforward and manageable.

First class organization for
high efficiency / OEE.

The only way you can objectively assess the organizational process and cultivate assured knowledge is with reliable and detailed facts about your shop floor. camLine will show you the way, and support you with technologies for recording all of an ongoing production process actual states and events and displaying them in a standardized way.
Gauging the pulse of your manufacturing. Structured processing of historical and up-to-date data enables all events to be interpreted in the context of the entire production process. Using efficiency indicators (OEE), you can estimate the extent to which production facilities (assets) are being used effectively and whether products are being manufactured as cost-effectively as possible.
You will receive indicators on how to increase the availability or utilization of your facilities, as well as how to minimize unplanned production downtimes, production slowdowns, or intermittent losses of quality.

Manufacturing logistics brought down to a common denominator, even when it comes to complex scenarios.

Would you like your manufacturing to be organized uniformly at all locations? A group-wide, uniform infrastructure for the manufacturing execution process is only possible if the independence of the procurement strategy is ensured for every conceivable choice of location. Decisions such as Best Cost Country Sourcing (BCCS) or Low Cost Country Souring (LCCS) should not affect your production’s organizational procedure—in other words, a good production execution process should not anticipate that you will make a decision to strive for a level of automation.
Nokia’s first assembly lines for mass production of mobile devices were equipped with tracking and tracing systems by camLine. Since this “prehistoric time”, the spectrum of experience and range of services in the field of manufacturing logistics has been making continuous progress. Today, camLine oversees numerous implementations worldwide, particularly in the electronics industry and for automotive suppliers. In the past, inventory control of large quantities and the traceability of manufacturing processes were the only priority, but current requirements are more demanding.
Today, high production logistics functionality as well as flexible work plans and detailed parts lists must be compact and able to be mapped alongside the necessary vertical range of manufacture. It is all about the holistic monitoring of moving and resting stocks. The use of raw material as well as durable and non-durable goods must be recorded, as must the utilization of a wide variety of transport units. This creates a valuable foundation for enabling cost-effective targeted recall campaigns at short notice.

Well informed at all times thanks to
monitoring and reporting.

Monitoring and reporting based on timely data through to long-term reporting periods provide the right insight into your organization and locations. With camLine solutions, you can be sure of having the best grasp of your production process without having to put in too much effort. You will have access to the know-how you need when it comes to manufacturing organization, and you will understand how you can improve tomorrow and ensure your success in the long term.

System connectivity (production automation) for transparent production.

The holistic connection of production facilities is the most important prerequisite when it comes to IT-supported production. In order to improve the communication ability of production plants and cyber-physical systems, camLine has mastered various generic approaches, as are required in a heterogeneous system landscape. As a service offering, camLine provides equipment vendors with advice and communication interface developments.

Knowledge transfer in the area of
Engineering Analytics.

Software, training, and qualified advice in the field of advanced Industrial Engineering (aIE) give you the opportunity to optimize your manufacturing processes and find correlations in your data.
You will be contributing to the success of your company by utilizing the imparted engineering methods whether in manufacturing, in research and development, in quality assurance, or in other areas. camLine’s real-time systems (LineWorks SPACE, XperiDesk, InFrame Synapse MES) dovetail perfectly with the interactive data analysis and process optimization options provided by Cornerstone.
You will receive indicators on how to increase the availability or utilization of your facilities, as well as how to minimize unplanned production downtimes, production slowdowns, or intermittent losses of quality.

Increasing innovation efficiency.

camLine offers software and services as an integrated solution for research organizations. Using agile software techniques, these institutions are able to better use their existing knowledge to optimize their R&D workflow and make their technology development process faster and more cost-effective. Close integration with manufacturing optimization solutions (MES, SPC, OEE, …) can make the transition from R&D to volume production much faster and more seamless.

Advanced planning
and scheduling.

In order to meet the market needs for manufacturing execution systems (MES), camLine is collaborating with sedApta, an Elisa IndustrIQ company and market-leading specialist for the integration of planning and execution. The sedApta suite offers integrated solutions supporting both S&OP and S&OE processes, with a focus on production planning and scheduling activities.

By also embedding the detailed planning component into the in-house system landscape, camLine is furnishing its MES offering with a first-class addition. In accordance with the ISA-95 standard and the three essential specifications on managing a) product definitions, b) production planning, and c) the production execution process, all the necessary functionalities are networked in a unique way.
As part of this process, care was taken to ensure maximum flexibility so that every customer’s unique production requirements can be adequately taken into account during implementation.

Business solutions for the digital transformation of factories

MES/MOM and more.

Software solutions made by camLine reflect the industrial-cultural characteristics of past decades—how they found their way into modern manufacturing—in the form of business strategies and quality programs.
The horizontal integration of all value creation networks is becoming increasingly important which is why camLine has significantly expanded its range of solutions in the field of quality assurance.
camline expertise qualitaetssicherung

The advantages of “MOM and more” for digital factories:

LineWorks Suite

MES modules for large-scale production and mass production. Enables the digital transformation of your high-tech manufacturing process.


Desktop software for data analysis, developed with engineers in mind. Enhance your team’s ability to carry out technical data analysis.


The innovative software for R&D departments worldwide, designed for bringing products to market faster and more cost-effectively.

InFrame Synapse

Effective entry into IT-based manufacturing & compact MES for small and medium-sized companies.

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